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Increase efficiency, reduce costs, and achieve perfect control at every stage of production with our MES system

What is OmniMES?

OmniMES is an innovative production execution system

Monitors processes in real-time, allowing for continuous analysis and elimination of bottlenecks. With reliable information and increased efficiency, OmniMES revolutionizes production management, opening doors to new optimization possibilities.

Unlock production potential

We will guide your manufacturing company through the process of digital transformation.

Customer needs analysis

We precisely identify what needs to be changed, adapted, or improved to make the system implementation as efficient as possible. This includes both technical aspects, such as machine integration, and organizational aspects.

Factory infrastructure preparation

We will undertake the comprehensive preparation of the factory infrastructure, providing the necessary means for the effective implementation of digital solutions. Our goal is to create a solid foundation for modern production.

System implementation

A team of experts will carry out the effective implementation of the system, tailored to the results of the analysis. Together, we will unlock the potential of your production by introducing innovative technological solutions.


Effective MES solutions for maximum control and production optimization

Automated monitoring of production processes - gain full control and maximize efficiency of your production with innovative functionalities of the OmniMES System.

Real-time machine status monitoring

Absolute control over machine status, enabling immediate response to potential failures and effective tracking of production efficiency in real-time.

Rapid event analysis on the production line

Immediate analysis of events on the production line, identifying potential issues and reducing reaction time, securing the smooth flow of production processes.

Production schedule creation capability

Flexible production planning through schedule creation functionality, enabling optimal resource utilization and adapting production to changing conditions.

Flexible report creation in the creator

The report creator provides the ability to create flexible reports tailored to specific needs, facilitating the collection, analysis, and presentation of key production-related data.

Intuitive configuration creator

Exceptionally easy customization of system settings through an intuitive configuration creator, allowing flexible adaptation of the system to individual needs and production specifications.

Creation of dynamically changing data analysis dashboards

Building interactive dashboards with dynamically changing data analyses, allowing for instant assessment of production status and focus on key performance indicators.

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Save time on breaks!

How much does an hour of downtime cost you? With OmniMES we can significantly reduce this cost.

How do we achieve this?

Instant information allows for effective identification of faulty elements in the machinery park, not only minimizing the time required for repairs but also reducing micro downtimes that can impact overall production efficiency. As a result, your company can operate more efficiently, saving both time and costs associated with machine downtime.

Monitoring production efficiency

Automatically collect data from your machines

The OmniMES system specializes in efficiently collecting data from various machines, regardless of their age or level of technological advancement. Its advanced module for machine communication is designed to provide secure and efficient communication.

Example communication protocols with the MES system

Achieving full control over the production process becomes possible thanks to advanced machine communication with the OmniMES system. The system facilitates integration with over 300 communication protocols of controllers and HMI panels.

Monitor machines

OmniMES displays production data in real-time.

This system not only collects data but also allows for real-time analysis, enabling quick responses to any issues or optimization of the production process. OmniMES establishes a solid foundation for efficient production, performance improvement, and minimizing potential failures.

Production line with examples of signals sent by machines

Increase control over the production process

The ability to monitor each machine individually and collectively in real-time provides detailed insight into the quality of your production.

With precise data collected from each machine, the system enables a precise understanding of the current production status. This allows for quick detection of potential issues, minimizing downtime, and optimizing the production process.

Collect and analyze historical data

Intuitive and clear display of production data saves your time on analysis.

Collecting and analyzing historical data is a crucial element in the process of production improvement. With the OmniMES system, gathering information regarding the production process occurs automatically and flawlessly. These data serve as valuable knowledge sources, allowing for trend tracking, pattern identification, and detection of any anomalies.

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Innovative production audit
Discover key tips for optimizing production in your factory.

Our experts come to your factory, conducting a comprehensive production audit. In just a few days, you will receive detailed results, including recommendations and potential optimization areas, enabling you to take a quick path to production excellence.

Solution tailored to your needs
Digitize your production today, for the benefit of efficiency and competitiveness of your factory.

Whether your current infrastructure meets the requirements for MES implementation or requires certain adjustments, our company provides full support, helping to adapt your production to modern standards. From selecting the right components to providing technical advice, we will focus on modernizing your factory.

Quotation and free system implementation
Digital optimization of your production without additional costs

If your factory is ready for MES implementation, we will proceed with an individual service quotation. Our offer will include all necessary elements, providing you with transparency and clarity regarding costs. Whether you need basic implementation or a full custom package, we will tailor to your needs.

Full support and free training
We provide full support and necessary knowledge to fully utilize the potential of our system

We provide free training for your team so that all employees can effectively use the new system. Our collaboration does not end there - we assist and update the system throughout your subscription period, ensuring continuous development and production excellence.