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New AI Solution in the Omnimes System – Ollama, Local AI Models

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The Omnimes system has implemented a new AI solution using the Ollama software, which enables running local AI language models with relatively low hardware requirements. Ollama, a free and open-source software from Meta (formerly Facebook), allows small and medium-sized enterprises to use up to 93 AI models without significant limitations.

The integration of Ollama into the Omnimes system allows users to choose between external AI models, such as those offered by OpenAI, and local Ollama models. This option is especially valuable for companies that, for security reasons, cannot use external servers or do not have internet access on the production floor.

An example of the local Llama3 model in Omnimes demonstrated that its responses are logical and comparable to those of the GPT-3.5 models. Additionally, Llama3 is more compact, weighing only 4.5 GB. Ollama also allows for the addition of custom AI models, providing even greater flexibility and customization to meet specific business needs.

By implementing Ollama, Omnimes offers a more secure and cost-effective AI solution that perfectly addresses production needs while eliminating the risks associated with incorrect information from external sources.

Omnimes invites interested companies to explore the system's offerings, which, thanks to integration with Ollama, enable modern data collection and analysis while ensuring the highest levels of security and efficiency.

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