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OmniMES Excellence in Production Execution

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) play a crucial role in efficient production execution. Our MES System offers comprehensive solutions that enable process optimization and production monitoring.

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Benefits of Using Our MES System

With OmniMES, you'll quickly identify areas for improvement, optimize costs, and ensure excellent product quality, strengthening your company's position in the market and bringing real financial benefits.

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Number of machines3 months6 months9 months12 months
From 5 pieces87.50 USD per machine85.00 USD per machine82.50 USD per machine80.00 USD per machine
From 10 pieces77.50 USD per machine75.00 USD per machine70.00 USD per machine67.50 USD per machine
From 15 pieces70.00 USD per machine62.50 USD per machine60.00 USD per machine57.50 USD per machine
From 30 pieces55.00 USD per machine50.00 USD per machine45.00 USD per machine45.00 USD per machine

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