Analysis Modules

Our analysis module in the MES system is the key to unlocking the full potential of your production data. We present a set of tools that not only gather data but transform it into readable and practical graphical information. We break down the complexity of data, transforming it into visual simplicity, enabling quick understanding and action.

Data Transparency from Overview to Detail

The modules are designed to offer analysis from the most general indicators to specific details. The analysis modules in the Omnimes system are divided as follows:

  1. Core:

    Failures, Downtime, and Micro Downtime - capture every moment of inactivity on your production line. These indicators provide information on the frequency of various events and their time distribution, as well as indicate total machine utilization, enhancing machinery park management efficiency.

    A photo depicting a time analysis, the chart includes information such as breakdowns, setups, and micro-stoppages. All in light mode.

    Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) - integrating data from production orders allows for creating a holistic view of operational efficiency, comprising every factor needed to calculate OEE, offering a complete view of your process performance.

    A photo depicting OEE analysis. All in light mode.
  2. Specialized:

    Utilities - this category includes analysis of measurements from devices such as temperature, pressure, instantaneous and total media consumption, etc., providing detailed insight into resource utilization.

    A photo depicting media analysis. All in light mode.

    Device Errors - while these data do not directly impact the production process, they are invaluable for service and maintenance teams. Supported by Pareto charts, these analyses reveal common causes of problems, allowing for preventive maintenance actions.

    A photo depicting error analysis. All in light mode.
  3. GPT Assistant Analyses

    GPT Assistant - finally, we present a list of text analyses generated by the GPT Assistant, which, using AI, delves deeper into data, offering interpretations and recommendations that can revolutionize decision-making in your company.

    A photo depicting a list of GPT assistant analyses. All in light mode.