Flexible Configurator

When it comes to optimizing and automating production processes, flexibility and intuitiveness in configuring the control system play a crucial role. Our innovative system offers a simple and transparent method for configuring the structure of the machinery park, based on an intuitive tree model. This method allows for efficient organization and management of machines and production lines, providing the necessary flexibility and adaptation to the specific needs of the enterprise.

Intuitive Configuration of the Machinery Park

Let's start from the basics - our system allows for creating the structure of the machinery park using a user-friendly interface, which presents machines and workstations in the form of a clear tree. This configuration includes various levels: from the general machinery park, through production lines, to specific machines and workstations. This makes managing even the most complex production systems intuitive and effective.

A photo depicting the structure of the machinery park in a tree view

Flexible Assignment of Statuses and Measurements

A key element of our system is the ability to assign specific statuses or measurements to each machine or workstation, which is done by adding so-called tags. These tags are acquired during the programming of controllers, gateways, or panels and serve as a bridge between the physical device and the management system. It is important that these devices are compatible with the Mqtt Sparkplug B protocol, which ensures smooth communication with the system broker.

A photo depicting machine editing and its statuses in light mode

Solutions for Incompatible Devices

We understand that not all devices may natively support the Mqtt Sparkplug B protocol. For such cases, we provide special communication gateways that convert signals to a compatible format. These versatile gateways support over 300 different protocols, from popular ones like OPC UA, MQTT, Ethernet, to lesser-known ones - ensuring that almost any device can be integrated with our system.

Customization of Statuses

Each status assigned to a machine or workstation can be fully personalized, allowing for the customization of how information is presented to the user's needs and preferences. Colors, font sizes, icons, and even the way data is presented can be changed - for example, pressure measurement can be displayed in the form of a gauge. This flexibility greatly facilitates monitoring of production processes and quick response to any abnormalities.

A photo depicting profile editing in light mode