Interactive Dashboards for Data Exploration and Visualization

A key microservice that enriches the functionality of our system is interactive dashboards, which we can easily customize to individual user needs. How does it work?

The system utilizes the Redash tool to create dynamic charts. Redash uses the Omnimes system API to retrieve necessary data from selected machine/machines for a specified period, enabling monitoring of their changes, such as compiling downtime of the last 24 hours for several production lines, or performing comparisons, like the ratio of failure occurrences to the time of producing good products.

Each of these visualizations allows for individual adjustment of data refresh frequency, ranging from 1 minute to 60 minutes. Additionally, this tool offers the ability to set email alerts when a specified value exceeds a set limit.

A photo depicting interactive dashboards for data exploration and visualization

The tool has been integrated with Omnimes system users, offering a unique monitoring mode. This monitoring mode differs from real-time monitoring because it allows presenting data from a wider period - up to 24 hours or 10,000 documents per visualization, meaning that the data refresh time can be up to 1 minute.

The visualizations offer a wide range of customization - from bar charts, through donut-type pie charts, to tables with data search capabilities. With these options, each data presentation can be maximally tailored to the user's preferences, providing precise and intuitive tools for analysis and monitoring.

A photo depicting the addition of charts to the dynamic dashboard