Event History

Our system is not just a set of data, it's the history of your machinery park, reflecting the pulse of your enterprise.

A photo depicting the Event History module in light mode

Integrity and Transparency in One Place

You can track every move, every operation, every machine state to give you a complete picture of your production line's operation. Our solution presents historical data in an intuitive and accessible way, providing the continuity and transparency necessary for optimizing production processes.

Data Storage

Utilizing the power of non-relational databases combined with proprietary partitioning, Omnimes creates a new collection in the database when the data weight exceeds 100 MB, ensuring lightning-fast retrieval and loading of data by system users. This not only means increased efficiency but also ensures seamless access to information whenever it's needed.

Big Data and Apache Spark – AI Driving Force

For data reaching petabytes, we offer support through renowned Apache Spark software, ensuring that our MES system can scale with your enterprise's needs. If your company desires to delve into the world of Big Data, Omnimes is prepared to adapt to and handle data on an unprecedented scale. In this era of data, Big Data is not just a trend - it's the foundation of AI solutions driving innovation and efficiency.

Analysis Supported by GPT Assistant

But that's not all. Event history in our MES system is further supported by GPT Assistant analysis - artificial intelligence from OpenAI. The GPT Assistant processes collected data and provides insightful analyses that enable informed operational decision-making.