Fast System Installation via Docker Containerization on Any Operating System

Omnimes System Installation: Speed and Universality with Docker

The Omnimes system is a defining modern platform that revolutionizes production management through Docker containerization. We provide lightning-fast deployment of our ecosystem, encompassing a wide range of microservices, ensuring reliability and flexibility at every step.

Integrated Microservices Architecture

Our system consists of a set of microservices:

  • EMQX Broker: For efficient real-time message handling.
  • MongoDB Database: Providing scalable and flexible solutions for non-relational data.
  • Web Server: Delivering fast and secure access to the application.
  • Omnimes API: Enabling integration and communication between various components of the system.
  • Data Capture Service: Ensuring continuous data collection and storage to the database.
  • Redash: For intuitive and advanced data visualization.

Quick and Simple Installation

We have implemented an installation process that is as simple as it gets. Regardless of the operating system – whether it's Linux, Windows, or macOS – you can start using Omnimes in just 5 to 10 minutes. Docker containerization ensures that all microservices are isolated, easy to configure, and ready to work in a short time, regardless of hardware specifications.

Universal Advantage

Docker makes our platform exceptionally universal – it can be easily deployed on various devices, from dedicated servers to compact IoT devices. This flexibility makes Omnimes an excellent solution for any enterprise aiming to optimize and innovate in production.