Real-Time Monitoring

The Omnimes system sets new standards in the industry by utilizing the MQTT SparkPlug B protocol based on the advanced EMQX broker. This precisely selected technical specification opens doors for our clients to the world of monitoring, achieving unparalleled data transmission parameters.

Revolutionary Efficiency and Speed

Key achievements of our system include:

  • Data transmission latency below 1 ms, guaranteeing almost instant response to changes in the production process.
  • Ability to handle individual data frames up to a maximum size of 256 MB, enabling the transmission of extensive information packets without loss of performance.
  • Throughput scale from 1,000 to 1,000,000 signals per second, ensuring comprehensive monitoring of even the most complex production systems.

Intuitive Configuration and Data Standardization

The use of MQTT version SparkPlug B has allowed for the standardization of data structure, resulting in ease of system configuration. Each monitored element is represented through tags and values, facilitating management and quick adaptation to changing requirements of production processes.

Personalization and Customization

The Omnimes system monitoring is designed with flexibility and personalization in mind. Users have the ability to customize the interface appearance according to their own preferences and enterprise needs.

Photo depicting the Monitoring module in light theme

TV Monitoring Mode

Additionally, to meet enterprise expectations, we have implemented a special TV monitoring mode. It allows for convenient display of key information on large monitors, enabling efficient tracking of production processes from any location within the facility.

Photo depicting the Monitoring module in TV mode