Production Process Visualizer

Modern MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) are invaluable tools in the hands of production managers, offering not only a comprehensive insight into current processes but also enabling efficient management of the machinery park. One of the key elements of modern MES systems is the planogram.

A photo depicting the Planogram module, which is a visualizer of production processes in light mode

Intuitiveness and Efficiency in Management

In an MES system, the planogram is not just a graphical representation of the spatial layout of the machinery park, but above all, an interactive map that allows for intuitive placement and visualization of machines and workstations in tile form. Each of these tiles corresponds to a specific machine or workstation, presenting key information about their real-time status. This allows system users to assess the operational situation of the entire machinery park at a glance, providing an effective alternative to traditional monitoring.

The planogram increases production management efficiency by enabling quick identification of machines operating at optimal performance, as well as those requiring intervention or maintenance. With the graphical representation of machine placement, it is also possible to easily plan changes in the production line configuration or optimize workflow without the need for physical movement around the production floor.

Real-Time Monitoring and Analytics

Each element representing a machine - its status on the planogram is updated in real-time, providing information about current status, performance, as well as potential issues or failures.

Customization and Scalability

The planogram is highly flexible, allowing for customization and adaptation to the unique needs of each enterprise. Users can customize the appearance of tiles, the information displayed on them, and their organization to best suit the characteristics and requirements of a specific production line.