Report Creator

Omnimes is more than a system – it's a tool that provides the flexibility your company needs to accurately analyze and optimize production processes. We believe in full customization, so our solution allows you to create your own personalized reports tailored to the specific needs of each enterprise.

We have divided reports into two types: Fixed reports and Flexible user template-based reports.

Fixed Reports (Basic Reports)

Our fixed reports, our basic reports, provide a solid foundation for key efficiency indicators such as OEE, MTTR, MTTF, or MTBF. They are automatically generated, requiring the user only to enter two values: the number of defective pieces and the number of ordered pieces.

A photo depicting the report generation module in light mode.

Such reports are also used in work orders, where if the company decides to use the order and schedule module of the Omnimes system, it can obtain results of work at each shift change, providing us with a powerful OEE analysis chart showing how the efficiency of the production process shaped during a given shift or period of time.

Template-Based Reports (Flexible Reports)

Understanding that every company is unique, we have created template-based reports. They allow for complete control over the appearance and content of reports. Whether it's through multiple uses of one template or modifying its components, we provide a tool that evolves with your company.

A photo depicting a list of templates for report generation in light mode.

Benefits of Personalization

  • Your company's image: Customize reports to match your company's visual identity, including the logo and small details that matter.
  • Custom formulas: Every company is different, so we offer the ability to create custom calculation formulas – even for standard indicators like OEE.
  • Flexibility in usage: Use, modify, and customize report templates to meet current needs and changing business conditions.

With Omnimes, you gain not only a tool for creating reports – you gain a partner who helps you fully understand and utilize production data. Harness the power of personalization and precision in reporting to outpace the competition and streamline your production processes. Omnimes – where flexibility meets innovation.